MaraHills Real Estate Development

MaraHills is an Incredible Property!

The first subdivision of 100 RV lots is located on 5 acres within the resort, with most lots selling by live auction at MaraHills on August 13, 2022. A further three lots were sold via zoom auction on November 9, 2022 and two lots on March 9, 2023.

We expect to announce another auction of most of the remaining lots soon! If you are interested, please click: SIGNUP FOR NEW DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION

Initial work on the RV sites was accomplished before winter set in, and a full crew re-started with equipment once the snow was gone this spring. Rock blasting, cut, fill, clearing and leveling of lots is well under way. It was initially anticipated that rock blasting on site would be minimal however, after viewing the site and layout, our engineer advised that more blasting was needed to create the desired elevations for the RV sites. Thousands of truck loads of blasted rock is being used for fill and redistributed on the site for elevations. Installation of services to the RV park and each lot has now commenced.

We anticipate that future lots will be created within several zones to be developed and marketed by auction, with a potential for development of a hotel, residential, recreational and RV lots and 150 boat slips in the marina. RV / resort properties will be sold by live and online auction, for investment and personal use.

An auction accelerates the process of a real estate transaction. An owner will sell out a development or portfolio in one day instead of several years. Time is money. Interest, other costs and supply can create huge savings to be passed on to a buyer. All prices are established by open and competitive bidding.

Our auctions are managed and conducted by, Lovig Auction Group Ltd., that has sold more than $1 billion of real estate by public auction.